The Water Looks Peaceful From The Top, But When You Peek Underwater? Holy Cow!

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Jellyfish Lake Offers Beautiful Tourist Destination

In the beautiful country of Palau, there exists a small island with a lake unlike any other. Looking down at the water from the surface of the lake, nothing appears wildly out of the ordinary. Take a peek underneath the water’s surface, and you’ll see what looks like an entirely different world.

This lake is extremely isolated from other water sources, and so the amount of species in the lake is much lower than in other lagoons, rivers, or lakes nearby. The lake has become a tourist spot – for $100 you can stay at the lake for 10 days, and once you’re there you’ll have a chance to see it’s main underwater attraction.

Because of isolation of the lake, the jellyfish in the lake have no natural predators. This has two immediate consequences: first, the jellyfish are able to mate and live freely and so their population is enormous. Secondly, because they don’t have to worry about defending themselves, the jellyfish don’t have the capability to sting like other jellyfish.

When you combine all of these variables, you get a swimming experience unlike anything else in the world. Watch the video below to get a peek at what it’s like swimming in Jellyfish Lake. I would love to one day travel to Palau and experience this relatively unknown wonder of the world.


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