These Artists Transform Their Entire Faces Into Fang-Filled Mouths, and AHH

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Special effects makeup has already been pretty terrifying this Halloween season, but it’s about to get even more scary. We’ve just discovered fang face makeup, and it’s giving us major Beetlejuice flashbacks (we’re looking at you, Barbara Maidland).


We were first mesmerized by self-taught face-painter Zoe’s fang look, which covers her entire face. The illusion is so trippy, it will make you do a double take (or two!). Zoe isn’t the only one who has been inspired by fangs during this spooky time of year, so we’ve found some of the creepiest takes across Instagram to really give you nightmares.

From face-painted illusions to SFX glass fangs, you’ll want to get practicing ASAP to scare the living daylight out of your friends. Ahead, see some of our favorite, frightful fang makeup looks.

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