This Creepy AF Footage Of Ghosts In A School Is Here To Give You Nightmares

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The principal says it’s not a ghost — this video says otherwise

In case being ghost-murdered is on your bucket list, there’s a school in Ireland that appears to have a little haunting problem. OK, kind of a big haunting problem, we won’t sugarcoat. Security video caught some pretty wild stuff last week in a hallway of the school at 3:00 am.

Because nothing good happens in any hallway at 3:00 am, y’all.

This creepy business is going down at Deerpark CBS school in Cork, Ireland where deputy principal Aaron Wolfe sent the chilling footage to principal Kevin Barry.

Watch this and try not to pee your pants. It won’t be easy.

It starts with the door all the way at the end of the creepy hallway.

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Things get even more WTF very quickly from there with some violently shaking lockers.

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Oh, did you think the ghosts were all finished making their point? You’re adorable.

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If these demons were of the chatty variety, they’d be…

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