This “Riverdale” Season 2 trailer teases wedding bells for Veronica

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Varchie fans, rejoice! From the looks of Riverdale‘s “Motive Trailer,” it appears Veronica will be walking down the aisle in Season 2. We only get a quick glimpse, but she certainly looks bridal in what appears to be a white, ethereal gown.

Not to mention, she’s backed by a crowd of spectators — and, oh wait…is that Archie’s mom, Mary, smiling and winking? That’s only fueling these theorizing flames.

Because, last we saw #VARCHIE together, they had a ‘lil sumthin’ sumthin’ going on romantically. So perhaps, Mary is happy to see her son tying the knot with Veronica?!!  We ship it.

We see someone holding a gun to Archie’s head, in what we’re guessing is somehow connected to his father, Fred — who was shot in the Season 1 finale. Maybe his father’s attackers are after him now?