Today, You Can Share Your Bump Pic For A Purpose #BumpDay

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We can all do our part to help raise awareness for prenatal care for women

Today is Bump Day, the only day dedicated to help raise awareness about the need for maternal health care worldwide. We were all bumps at one point in our lives, we all needed prenatal care and so did our mothers.  But millions of mothers globally still do not have access to proper prenatal care — and it is the difference between life and death.

According to, #BumpDay is a movement for “social good that shines a light on the crucial issue of maternal health, and raises funds that immediately save lives.” Now in its third year, #BumpDay is a joint project between What to Expect and International Medical Corps aimed at raising awareness and life saving donations to benefit maternal health care here and abroad.

According to the CDC, a healthy pregnancy starts before conception and continues with prenatal care, “along with early recognition and management of complications if they arise. Health…

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