How To Transfer A Photo To Wood!

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Making a wood transfer is actually pretty simple! 

First, you will need to gather all of the supplies you need..

  • A flat and smooth piece of wood that you would like the picture to be transferred to (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for about $2.)
  • Mod Podge (Glossy Mod Podge gives it nice glossed finish.) * OR you can make your own Mod Podge HERE
  • Gel Medium (I got the Liquitex Gloss Heavy Gel.. This stuff can be kinda pricey! Mine was about $14.)
  • Sponge brush
  • Paint (if you want to paint the edges)
  • A reversed picture of your choice printed on regular paper (Use some type of photo editing software to flip your picture horizontally, so your picture won’t be backwards.)

After gathering all of your materials, you’re ready to begin your project. 

  1. You’ll start by painting the edges of the wood (if you want them painted).
  2. Then you’ll coat the flat part of the wood with the gel medium using the sponge brush. 
  3. Take your picture and place it on top of the gel medium face down. Apply pressure and smooth down the picture. Make sure to smooth all of the bubbles out!
  4. Set it aside for 24 hours to let the transferring process take place.
  5. After the 24 hours, take the wood and run it under the sink.
  6. Gently rub the paper off with your fingers while running it under the sink. If parts of the picture come off, it’s okay! It gives it an antique look. If you are using a picture with people in it, be extra careful while rubbing the paper off around the faces!
  7. After getting all of the white pieces of paper off, you’re ready for the mod podge! Apply a coat of Mod Podge with the sponge brush. 
  8. Let it dry. Don’t worry, the Mod Podge will dry clear! 
  9. Voila! Your wood transfer is complete! 

I hope this has helped you make the perfect wood transfer! 



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