Trump’s Approval Rating Is Higher Than Congress, Pelosi, Schumer, And Speaker Ryan

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A lot has been made about Trump’s low approval rating but I’m not really sure why.

For starters, who cares what the approval ratings say and I think we all understand how unreliable polls are. Especially when Trump is involved.

Also, Trump’s approval rating is higher than Bill Clinton’s was early in his first term.

So maybe we should tone it down a little on all that.

Let’s also try to keep things in perspective.

Check out how Americans feel about leaders in Congress…

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From Washington Examiner:

President Trump has a higher approval rating than virtually every other leader in Washington, a little reported fact that emerged in a new survey of the nation’s political officials.

The full approval rating list:

  • President Trump – 41%
  • Defense Secretary James Mattis – 43%
  • Congress – 25%
  • Nancy Pelosi – 29%
  • Paul Ryan – 36%
  • Chuck Schumer – 33%
  • Mitch McConnell – 30%
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions – 35%

Maybe the media should focus a little bit more on Congress?

I get it. Liberals enjoy beating up on Trump. They can’t help themselves.

However, it’s really disingenuous to ignore the extensive data out there that suggests Trump voters are happy for the most part.

There have been polls that almost 100% of Trump supporters are content with their choice.

That seems like a more important piece of info than whatever Trump haters are telling pollsters.

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