Unretouched photos of a Beyonce Causes Unreal Reaction

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Unretouched photos of a Beyonce Causes Unreal Reaction

The pictures were originally posted on Beyonce fan siteThe Beyonce World  but were eventually removed because there were so many negative comments!  Twitter is blowing up with people who can’t quite come to grips with the fact that Beyonce is in fact a real woman who does have the odd blemish and who does not wake up completely airbrushed!  People couldn’t get over that she has freckles and blemishes and that, like a real human being, she actually has flaws!

Lots of people are defending the superstar as well, claiming that even without the retouching she’s still beautiful. Of course she is! She’s Beyonce! She’s one of the most stunning women on the planet, and if we were allowed to see what these celebrities looked like without all the retouching and photoshop more often, women wouldn’t feel like they have an unattainable standard of beauty that they’re constantly trying to live up to!

Last week another unretouched photo – this one of Cindy Crawford – was also leaked online. It showed the supermodel posing for the pages of Marie Claire and showed her with loose skin around her stomach and legs, and a less than picture perfect smooth complexion. That photo went viral almost as soon as it was release, applauded by real women everywhere! How nice it is to see that even Supermodels deal with the same body issues and aging concerns that the rest of us do.

I love that these pictures of Beyonce leaked because it shows us that she’s a regular woman just like us. And it doesn’t make her any less beautiful because she doesn’t have picture perfect smooth skin.

What do you think of these pictures being released? Do you like to see celebrities fully airbrushed, or do you like to see them more natural and relatable?

Check out the pictures of Beyonce unretouched below.


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