VMI Stands Strong, Will Not Be Removing Confederate Statues: “We Are a Different School”

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While several campuses seem to be caving to the Stalinesque purge of Confederate statues, there is one that is not budging.

While some seem to believe there is some evil force projecting out from an inanimate statue, this campus is buying into that hysteria.

From Red State:

The Virginia Military Institute has a storied history. It was established as a military college in 1839, and is known as “The West Point of the South.” Famous alumni include George Marshall, George S. Patton, Bobby Ross, and Mel Brooks (yes, really!).

8 Months Into Presidency, Trump Portrait Still Missing From Thousands Of Federal Offices

8 Months Into Presidency, Trump Portrait Still Missing From Thousands Of Federal Offices

VMI is located in Lexington, Virginia, and its campus, unsurprisingly, is adorned with numerous Confederate statues. Statues that antifa and other disgruntled SJWs would like to see torn down, burned, and/or decapitated.

VMI will not be buying into the crazy.

Their statues are staying.

VMI is in the business of training leaders, and, as such, doesn’t give much credence to the idea that ignoring history is the way to build strong leaders.

VMI Superintendent General J.H. Binford Peay III said during the discussion about whether or not to remove the statues:

“We are a different school. And we build on the strengths of our traditions, the right traditions, the right statues, the right… ceremonies that we have to make our graduates stronger and better for a nation that needs to move to the future and advance in a right way. That’s my thinking ladies and gentlemen. And I don’t think I’m being politically correct.”

And this is why VMI builds leaders.

Common sense and steadiness.

VMI’s decision is not likely to be well received by antifa and other agitators of their ilk, but they’d best think twice about storming the campus and starting a ruckus. I hear they have pretty good rifle skills there.

Good job, VMI!

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