Watch: Students Love Trump’s Tax Plan…Once They’re Told It’s Bernie’s

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President Donald Trump is a heartless capitalist who just wants to enrich his billionaire buddies and enrich the rich. So say many liberals.

It’s a tactic that most Americans don’t seem to buy into. If they like or they don’t like Trump, it, fortunately, doesn’t seem to hinge on his wealth. Indeed if anything, the fact that he is successful has always seemed to count to his credit with most Americans, as evidence of the ability to get things done.

And in the face of a political world that fails to get a lot done, that was of course quite an attractive nature.

But in academia, where students are fed a constant diet of the benefits of socialism and where it is basically de rigueur to hate Trump, hating the rich and despising capitalism is simply the accepted norm.

Of course, the socialist views on the economy expressed by Bernie Sanders would actually be the heartless one ultimately as it would kill the economy and overburden them in debt.

But of course right now all they hear is ‘free stuff, free stuff!’

Thus, when Trump came up with a tax plan, it must obviously be heartless and impractical.

But what would students think if they heard the plan was from adored socialist Bernie Sanders?

Campus Reform decided to find out.

They went to George Washington University to ask students their opinions on Trump’s new tax plan.

And without too much more than that, students began registering their dislike for the plan. Despite really knowing nothing other than it was Trump’s.