Why the Most Important Part of a Good Blush Isn't Actually the Color

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I’ve always had trouble getting out of bed in the morning, and despite my nightly resolutions to wake up early(ish) and make myself pretty, it rarely happens. Luckily for me, my commute in the morning is anywhere between 25 minutes and an hour – plenty of time for a swift makeup application. Because this is common with working ladies such as myself, makeup brands have adapted their products, prioritizing making quality applicators to go along with their compact products. Companies have created sleek ways to apply lip gloss, mascara, and powder, but one product remains a blindspot: blush.

I have a giant blush brush in a mug in my bathroom, but I don’t want to tote it around all day. Thus, having an affordable blush with a built-in applicator is at the top of my must list. It might sound silly, but it makes a big difference! I went ahead and checked out the leading drugstore brands, so you don’t have to sacrifice your cheeks in the name of science – just read on and find out what I loved. Disclaimer: I only reviewed the brushes, not the actual blush itself.

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