Wife Bakes Celebratory “Vasectomy Cake” for Husband After Drawing the Line at 3 Boys

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What do you do when you’re done having kids and you totally know it? You have cake, of course.

Amber Cole loves making cakes for all occasions, but by her own admission, she’s not very good at making them look pretty. (Clearly, she’s a girl after my own heart. I love making cakes, too, and they always taste good, but they always turn out looking like a major Pinterest fail.) Still, that didn’t stop her from baking yet another one recently, for a very worthy cause.

You see, Cole and her husband have three boys, which means life is pretty much hectic all the time. But this year, the 13-year anniversary of her husband’s military enlistment happened to coincide with his appointment for a little procedure some of us fondly refer to as “the snip.” So a celebratory cake was definitely in order.

Image source: Amber Cole

“We have three boys and we always get the question ‘Will you try for a girl?’” Cole tells Babble, “and my answer is always ‘We did, twice.’”

“Truly, we are thankful for the three little dudes we have and decided we are done having children,” she continues. “I needed a C-section with each baby, so we decided it was my husband’s turn to take one for the team.”

Cole had so much going on this month that she forgot to make a cake to celebrate another year of her husband’s service, so she figured a cake to celebrate his vasectomy was the next best thing. (I know. I love her. Seriously, a woman who invents the vasectomy cake rocks in my book.)

Cole made the cake, with the best decorating skills she could muster, figuring it would give her husband something to snack on while he recovered. And, because she wanted to share her creation with the world she snapped a picture and posted it on Monday in a private Facebook post.

vasectomy cake
Image source: Amber Cole

And we’re so glad she did.

“Someone’s not as excited about his ‘procedure’ tomorrow, as I am!” her post caption reads. “Also, it’s so very hard to write with frosting!! Celebrating with cake! Three boys are our limit! If anyone wanted to have a baby by my husband, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

The cake, which probably had good intentions of being round, is decorated with the words, “I’m glad you can’t knock me up,” and is surrounded with lovely little cupcakes decorated with little “swimmers.”

Cole’s big smile in one of the photos is also a clear indicator of how she feels about the whole thing. Her husband, meanwhile? He looks decidedly less excited — but hey, he posed for pictures like the good sport that he is.

vasectomy cake
Image source: Amber Cole

It’s no surprise the photos are making the rounds on the Web, after being shared by popular bloggers like Mama in the Now. And they’re getting plenty of comments, too — from good-natured teasing to helpful suggestions, like using bags of frozen peas as ice packs after the surgery. (For the record, when Cole popped on to the comments to update friends and family, she let everyone know she bought frozen corn versus…

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