You And Your Pup Can Now Match With These Adorable Pajama Sets

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Now you can curl up and get cozy with your pup in style

While matching holiday pajamas for the whole family are all the rage for some folks, there’s a whole new trend happening for dog lovers everywhere: pajama sets for both you and your four-legged fur baby.

FabDog Inc., a company that coins itself as a “fashion brand for dogs,” has launched a line of matching PJs for dogs and humans. So if you’re interested in looking fashionably cozy with your best friend — you’re in luck.

OH HELL YAS. Land’s End ain’t got nothing on these warm, plaid, classic pajama pants. Look how handsome that little mister looks in his Leave It To Beaver-style sleepwear!

Wonder if this set comes with its own decorative wooden mallard duck for the mantle? If green plaid isn’t your jam, there are more options for you to perfectly match your pupper.

Image via FabDog.Com

Oh hey, holiday red! These are great for laying out some cookies for Santa OR some Snausages for Fido.

Image via FabDog.Com

You simply…

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