You can now listen in on couple’s therapy sessions with this new podcast

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There’s no question that therapy is a very intimate thing that one should experience in private, but apparently we can now listen in on other people’s couple’s therapy. You know, like gentle eavesdropping…it’s cool.

This experience has come to us in a podcast called Where Should We Begin? and it features conversations between Esther Perel, a renowned couple’s therapist, and her clients. And here’s the best news:

After that, the full ten episode series will become available on iTunes.

If the thought of hearing about other people’s therapy sessions makes you feel uncomfortable, we’re right there with you. But like all new things, it’s probably worth it to keep an open mind.

“We have 10 unscripted, real, anonymous couples in season one,” Perel said in an interview with Vogue. “Three episodes are around the theme of infidelity. Seven others cover themes of loss, infertility, unemployment, betrayal, sexlessness, communication, sexual abuse, trauma, and all kinds of other issues that people experience in life.”

Hmm — we don’t know about you, but we’re officially intrigued. And even though it’s so new, Where Should We Begin? was featured on an episode of This American Life last month called Fermi’s Paradox, and there’s even more buzz on Twitter.

“There’s something for every taste and for every stage,” Perel said in the same Vogue interview. “The younger people, the unmarried people, the dating people, the breaking-up people. I think that the episodes that people will prefer are the ones that most reflect that which they themselves are living.”

Yup, the solution to the end of S-Town and hiatus of In the Dark might be here! Podcasts are just the BEST, aren’t they?

Hopefully this cured your case of the Mondays, and happy listening!

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