Your First Glimpse at the HelloFlo Book Cover (Plus a Q&A With the Author!)

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Naama Bloom started HelloFlo with many goals in mind, and now all of those will be conveniently located in one book. Below, you’ll find a Q&A with the creator of HelloFlo herself as well as the first glimpse at the cover.

Hello Flo: What is HelloFlo: The Guide, Period., and how did you come to write it?

Naama Bloom: HelloFlo: The Guide, Period. is a modern-day puberty book for girls and their parents. It addresses issues of biology while also providing girls with the tools to think critically about how the changes in their bodies are perceived by the outside world and why that should matter. As the founder of HelloFlo, I was in the unique position to meet countless girls and women and hear their stories. One of the things that I became really interested in was how society’s perception of us changes as our bodies change. As a grown woman, this can be hard to deal with, but as a girl, it can feel overwhelming.

HF: So much information is online… what is the benefit of a…

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