10 DIY Headbands To Tame (And Frame) Your Hair

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Don’t let a bad hair day get you down. Slap a cute headband on ‘em and show those locks who’s boss!

1. Kitty Ear Headband

Kitty Ear Headband

We just can’t say no to any chance to make a cute cat-themed project. Meow!

2. DIY Pom-Pom Headband

DIY Pom-Pom Headband

Okay, maybe you’re not a cat person, but you still want to have some fun with your hair accessories. These pom-poms will certainly do the trick.

3. Braided Headband

Braided Headband

Or perhaps braids are more your style? This crocheted headband doubles as an ear-warmer.

4. Flower Crown

Flower Crown

Take a little piece of summer into the fall weather with this DIY flower crown.

5. Hanging Chains Headband

Hanging Chains Headband

Strands of chain add some bling to an otherwise-plain comb headband.

6. Spiked Headband

Spiked Headband

This spiked headband could be the start of a very chic leather and lace look.

7. Criss-Cross Headband

Criss-Cross Headband

Got an old T-shirt with a great pattern lying around (we’re thinking tie-dye)? That’s all you need to make Josie’s criss-cross headband.

8. Workout Headband

Workout Headband

Elastic strands or stretchy fabric braided together will hold your hair back during that gym workout.

9. Fabric Flower Headband

Fabric Flower Headband

Make your very own fascinator headband with an oversized fabric flower pattern.

10. Glitter Bow Headband

Glitter Bow Headband

This glitter-covered bow is the perfect combination of cute and glam.


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