15 Natural cures for Acne

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Natural cures for Acne


acne home remedies There are very few known cures for acne, even less are the ones that can eliminate the root cause of acne. There are, however, some lifestyle changes and natural remedies that can be effective in treating Acne. With these treatments acne will go away eventually, although not as quickly as any of us would like. Hang in there. Be patient. Be positive and your day will come.

Natural Cures for Acne

natural acne treatments and cures

A teaspoon of coriander juice, mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder, is an effective remedy for pimples. blackheads and dry skin. The mixture should be applied to the face,after washing it thoroughly, every night before retiring.


Dry coriander should be sparingly used by persons suffering from bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis.


Eliminate sugar from diet to kill the root cause of acne

Eliminate all kinds of sugars,white flour,sodas etc from your diet and watch your skin glow in less than four weeks.

Turmeric powder and mintturmeric for acne treatment paste to reduce acne

A popular mask involves these two spices together with water to form a paste and putting it on your blemishes. Regular application is said to reduce acne outbreaks and promotes smoother skin.

Tomato and Cucumber juice

cucumber for acne treatmentMix equal parts of these juices and put them on your blemished areas. Leave for 20 mins to tighten your pores and reduce redness.

Lemon juice and rose water

Mix lemon juice and rose water in equal parts and apply for at least 25 minutes, then rinse. This treatment can help cure the face acne

Margosa leaves to treat acne

Margosa leaves, also know as neem, provide potent healers of skin problem like acne. Crush these leaves in a blender,then add turmeric powder and apply this onto your skin. Let it dry and then wash off. This treatment will get rid of the excess oil as well as the accumulated dirt on your face. Another option is to introduce neem leaves into your bath to help cleanse the whole body and prevent the onset of acne.

Rose water treatment to cure acne

Spray and wash your face with natural rose water daily to get a healthy and acne free skin.

Perfect oils to treat acne

Take perfect oils, a therapeutic balance of fatty acids from borage, fish and flaxseed oils. Take 2-3 capsules a day with food.

Herbal acne treatmentacne herbal remedy

Combine equal parts of tinctures of nine herbs: red clover, burdock, yellow dock, dang gui, milk thistle, cleavers, schisandra, echinacea, and licorice. Bring one quart of water to boil and add 1 ounce of combined tinctures. Turn off heat and steep for 30 mins. Drink 2 cups a day for up to 3 months.

Lemon juice and basil

Basil juice mixed with lemon juice in equal parts is used for skin diseases, pimples, black-spots, acne and the relief of itching. Use it twice a day to help cure acne naturally.

Anti-inflammatory fats

Use anti-inflammatory fats, found in cold-water fish, nuts and seed. Make them part of your diet to eliminate pro-inflammatory substances without sending them to the skin.

Multi-vitamins to help cure acne

Take beta-carotene, a form of Vitamin A, 15mg daily. High potency B-Complex Vitamins that supplies 100mg of B Vitamins, Vitamin C 1000-3000mg daily, Zinc 15mg daily

Herbal steam bathyarrow herbal steam bath to treat acne naturally

Herbal steam bath for the face, adding 1 teaspoon of yarrow tea to 8 ounce of boiling water, let it steep for 30 mins. Put it in a basin of steaming water. Take the steam for 5-10 mins by leaning over it. Stay at 12 inch away from water. Repeat 2-3 times a week.

Neem leaves face wash to treat acne

Boil few leaves of neem (indian herb) in a 1/2 litre of water for 5 minutes and use this as a natural face wash to cure acne

Natural sunblock lotion using rose water and honey

Add a drop of natural, unrefined raw honey to 1/4 cup of rose water and shake it well to create a natural sun block lotion. Apply it gently to your face and skin to protect it from the damaging effects of direct sunlight exposure.


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