20 Beautiful Bronde Color Ideas to Inspire Your Fall-Weather Makeover

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While beauty girls have many reasons to love Fall, one of our favorites is that we get to use the season as an excuse to switch up our style. We pull our best vampy lipsticks out of our stashes, all things pumpkin spice are added to our routines, and we add a bit more brooding color to our hair. If you’re not quite brave enough to try out smoky lilac strands, consider testing out the more natural – but equally beautiful – dye trend known as bronde hair.

“Bronde hair color is the perfect marriage of blond and brown hair,” said Lauren E. Hack, colorist and cofounder of Lauren+Vanessa salon in New York City. The style is typically achieved using balayage, in which color is “swept” on to the hair strand by strand. This melds the hues together, creating a more natural, sun-kissed effect that looks neither definitively blond nor brunette. While it can also be achieved using traditional foils, Hack prefers to combine both techniques to make the ends of her clients’ hair look a bit lighter.

While it’s usually women with brown- or black-toned hair who opt to test-drive the bronde trend, blondes love it too – it adds dimension to “tired-looking” color. “It’s great for the woman who is low-maintenance,” Hack added.

If you’re uncertain whether this color trend is ideal for you, keep your complexion in mind. “This hair color is flattering on most women, but especially those with olive skin or light beige skin,” said Hack, who pointed to Jennifer Lopez as a shining example of gorgeous bronde hair.

Bronde isn’t just a hot trend or an excellent option for transitioning your color during the colder months (though it is both!). After you hit up the salon and get this dye job, a mere glance in the mirror at your new style will make you feel ready to conquer the Fall season. Keep reading for some of our favorite examples of bronde hair from Instagram.

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