20 Big-Batch Of Holiday Cocktail Recipes!

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1. Horse & Carriage Punch

Horse & Carriage Punch

So pretty! This bad girl is made with gin, St. Germain, triple sec, and chamomile tea. Double or triple it if you’re serving a big crowd. Get the recipe.

2. Blood Orange Sangria

Blood Orange Sangria

Get the recipe.

3. Earl Grey Gin Punch

Earl Grey Gin Punch

Mixing black tea with booze is sort of like the classiest possible version of Four Loko. Get the recipe.

4. Fishhouse Punch Royale

Fishhouse Punch Royale

Rum, cognac and cava (with plenty of citrus) make for a serious 1-2-3 punch. Get the recipe.

5. Double Cider-Bourbon Punch

Double Cider-Bourbon Punch

Literally (LITERALLY) no one on Earth could dislike this punch: cider, ginger beer, bourbon, lemon, and cinnamon, brought together in beautiful union. Get the recipe.



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