19 Insane Haunted Houses That’ll Literally Scare The Sh** Out Of You

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“Life’s no fun without a good scare.”


1. The Dent School House — Cincinnati, Ohio


The Dent Schoolhouse / Via frightsite.com


Why it’ll freak you out: This place was an actual school in the late 1800s, but shut down after a “strain of murders,” and was reopened as a huge attraction in the mid-2000s. Basically, this place is truly scary AF.


2. Nightmare on 13th Haunted House — Salt Lake City, Utah


Nightmare on 13th / Via nightmareon13th.com


Why it’ll freak you out: Every year this highly-rated haunted house has an entirely new theme, which they call a “nightmare.” If you’re not convinced about how badass it actually is, here’s a chilling fact: It’s been voted one of America’s scariest attractions by the Travel Channel.


3. Frightworld Scream Park — Buffalo, New York


Frightworld Scream Park / Via frightworld.com


Why it’ll freak you out: There are five (FIVE!!!!!) insane haunted houses you can experience, including a rustic, isolated cabin teeming with bloody victims, and an old, abandoned asylum on a remote road.


4. Haunted Plantation — Oahu, Hawaii

Haunted Plantation Facebook / Via Facebook: HauntedPlantation

Haunted Plantation Facebook / Via Facebook: HauntedPlantation


Why it’ll freak you out: The Haunted Plantation insists this is more than a haunted house — it’s an entire haunted village. It’s so brilliantly terrifying that it’s been featured on the Syfy Channel as well as the Travel Channel.

—Tymmy Flynn, Facebook

5. House of Shock — Jefferson, Louisiana


The House of Shock / Via houseofshock.com


Why it’ll freak you out: Complete with old “carny freak exhibitions” and an overall homage to the dark history of New Orleans itself, this place is pretty much guaranteed to make you crap your pants.


6. Pennhurst Asylum — Spring City, Pennsylvania


Pennhurst Asylum / Via pennhurstasylum.com


Why it’ll freak you out: Most of the artifacts in this hospital-themed haunted asylum are from the original administration building, dating back to the early 1900s. Spooky.

—Amanda Dawkins, Facebook

7. Netherworld Haunted House — Norcross, Georgia


Netherworld Haunted House / Via fearworld.com


Why it’ll freak you out: Whichever of the two haunted houses you choose, you’ll be surrounded by plague-stricken, undead spirits who are trying to drag you into their underworld of suffering. Take a deep breath.

—TeKiesha Brady, Facebook

8. Woods of Terror — Greensboro, North Carolina


Evil Light Photography / JLW and Woods of Terror on Church


Why it’ll freak you out: The theme of the Woods of Terror claims the bodies people who perished in the 1940s ~supposedly~ lurk in the forest, now known as a “purgatory for spirits.” Now, some seriously pissed-off ghosts haunt the land.


9. 13th Floor Haunted House — Phoenix, Arizona


13th Floor Haunted House Phoenix / Via 13thflooraz.com


Why it’ll freak you out: This experience is totally based off the idea that due to superstition, the 13th floor of any building is a dangerous place where terrible oddities occur and scary creatures reside. Good luck.


10. The Beast — Kansas City, Missouri


The Beast Haunted House / Via kcbeast.com


Why it’ll freak you out: The Beast is four floors of scariness, and has been consistently ranked in the top 13 haunted houses in the entire nation. Plus, there is a real freaking alligator.


11. McKamey Manor — San Diego, California


McKamey Manor San Diego / Via mckameymanor.com!__photos


Why it’ll freak you out: This place is pretty controversial, because it describes itself as not just a haunted house, but “an audience participation event in which you live your own horror movie.” They even warn you not to wear expensive clothes or bring anything that can’t get wet.

—Kate McMeow, Facebook

12. Asylum 49 — Tooele, Utah

Asylum 49 / Via Facebook: official.asylum49

Asylum 49 / Via Facebook: official.asylum49


Why it’ll freak you out: Unlike most haunted houses, you can be touched, grabbed, AND purposely separated from your group at Asylum 49. Your visit can last up to five hours if they feel like keeping you.


13. Hotel of Horror — Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania


Andrew Snyder / Hotel of Horror / Via hotelofhorror.com


Why it’ll freak you out: This haunted attraction changes its themes every year, with seriously terrifying themes like “Puppet Pandemonium” and “Spirit Sacrifice.” They’ve also recently added a coffin ride, that “takes you on your own afterlife experience and back again.”


14. Georgetown Morgue — Seattle, Washington


Georgetown Morgue / Via seattlehaunts.com


Why it’ll freak you out: This haunted house is on the grounds of an actual historic crematorium and the site of the Seattle Crematorium Massacre. Enough said.

—Robbie Crowder, Facebook

15. City of the Dead — Henderson, Colorado


City of the Dead / Via cityofthedeadhaunt.com


Why it’ll freak you out: This zombie-themed haunted house centers around a twisted town where humans are complete outsiders, and you have to venture the streets of crashed cars and crumbling buildings and try to survive.

—Myranda Whitesides, Facebook

16. The Gates Of Hell — Las Vegas, Nevada


Why it’ll freak you out: The Gates of Hell is so scary that it’s actually been given an R rating. It’s been described as a “claustrophobic sensory overload” where you experience a “descent into cold, black nothingness.”


17. Creepyworld — Saint Louis, Missouri


Creepyworld Scream Park / Via scarefest.com


Why it’ll freak you out: Among its 13 attractions, Creepyworld has a haunted cemetery and an entire haunted house dedicated to a lot of peoples’ worst nightmare: scary-ass dolls.


18. Erebus — Pontiac, Michigan


Erebus 4 Story Haunted Attraction / Via hauntedpontiac.com


Why it’ll freak you out: The word “erebus” literally means “a place of darkness in the underworld on the way to Hades.” This four-story haunted house has been described as one of the best in the country.


19. Haunted Hoochie — Columbus, Ohio

Haunted Hoochie Facebook / Via Facebook: 113282695370541

Haunted Hoochie Facebook / Via Facebook: 113282695370541


Why it’ll freak you out: Only adults are allowed at this beyond haunted attraction that has insane amounts of gore — and some of the gore is real. They advise on their website that it may not be suitable for “immature audiences OR mature audiences.” Have fun.



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